Welcome Reader:

Whether you've just now tuned in to my life, or have been keeping up with my inner thoughts for quite some time now,
I welcome you.

Though you may or may not be entertained by my thoughts, it is for MYSELF that I pen a blog.

As a writer, I enjoy expressing myself.
When I write long romance novels, I am inside my head so much, I forget to focus on reality.

By writing once and a while on my blog, when the mood hits me, I have the freedom to come and go.
To pull up a chair and order lemonade or an ice cream sundae.
To either gobble it down, or eat it ever so slowly...

...until it melts into a concoction that resembles mushy milk.

Pull up a chair! Have a read. I hope you enjoy it.
I do...and that's what really matters.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Love's Hide-n-Seek

(For Danielle and her Children)


Love come softly, Love come hard-
Love's hide-n-seek now plays in our yard.
Once she was alone dreaming of a home,
Cut short -now are her dreams-
As beside her babies scream.
From love she found a man who treats her nice
And angels sent from God not once, but twice.
Baby boy and baby girl keeps Mama in a whirl!
Love's come softly, Love's come hard,
Now Steeley and Lyla play in our backyard...
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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tower in the Sky

In Dover, NH there is a secret hiding place for Garrison Hill Tower that reaches into the sky.
We happened upon its green, metal frame, climbed the several stories of stairs, and took a rest up in the blueness of the summer sky.
Our little niece of six who accompanied us on our adventerous hike, with great excitment said, "Auntie Lisa, Let me take your picture!" Eager hands held the camera up to sparkling, blue eyes, "I almost have it! Hold on one more minute."
So she did, and here it is, and tho' she cut off our heads, the memory will live
forever of when we climed our tower in the sky.

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Of all the trees on the land
I love birch the best.
They stand majestic, poised,
and optimistically fresh.
In a field or in the woods
withstanding nature's test.
Birch trunks shine in the sun
casting a flashy, warm glow.
Branches dance in the air,
leaves flutter in the wind, and so,
Of all the trees on the land
I love birch the best.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ghosts of Honor!

I am a Patriot!
I was a Soldier!
I march in Formation with RED, WHITE & BLUE!

I am a crier when the National Anthem plays,
I stand tall and proud when troops pass my way.

I am a Patriot!
I was a Soldier!
I march in hometown Memorial Day Parades right up in the front with Vets, both old and new.

I am the 'Ghost of Honor' amid my living comrades. Beside me, other ghosts march...our spirits strut from prideful recognition.

We are Patriots! We are Soldiers. We are Ghosts of Honor!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bridge the Heavenly Gap

The gap in this life to the next was bridged in the wee hours of morning the day my old friend passed...passed from this life to the one beyond...over the rainbow to the heavens, where the promise of 'being without pain' would now bring comfort...a freedom to move now, since he is no longer paralyzed...floating now on his cloud in the sky where he can stroke his favoured guitar and sing angelic folk songs...that will float down and comfort those left behind...melodies that bring comfort and cheer and allow the living to bridge the gap between this life and the next...sing well, Doug...we are still listening...waiting...remembering...holding our breath...until next we meet...