Welcome Reader:

Whether you've just now tuned in to my life, or have been keeping up with my inner thoughts for quite some time now,
I welcome you.

Though you may or may not be entertained by my thoughts, it is for MYSELF that I pen a blog.

As a writer, I enjoy expressing myself.
When I write long romance novels, I am inside my head so much, I forget to focus on reality.

By writing once and a while on my blog, when the mood hits me, I have the freedom to come and go.
To pull up a chair and order lemonade or an ice cream sundae.
To either gobble it down, or eat it ever so slowly...

...until it melts into a concoction that resembles mushy milk.

Pull up a chair! Have a read. I hope you enjoy it.
I do...and that's what really matters.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Clothes for Grandbabies

I'd like to get a doll. One that laughs and blinks and has movable appendages.
Hanging in a closet in the guest room are three little infant outfits I just love and can't part with. I'm saving them for a future granddaughter...(hint!)
One is a pink dress with an embroidered bodice. One is a pair of pink, corduroy overalls. The last is a fluffy white bunting that exclaims 'Baby's First Christmas.'
If I had a baby granddaughter (or son), I wouldn't need a doll.
I have no grandchild (yet), I have no doll, I have none.
I will go to the toy store soon and remedy the situation.
...(my husband and I await patiently for the grand-babies to arrive)...

The 101st Post

Experimenting can be fun. Case in point: This blog was an experiment. It is fun and is going along quite well.
However, I have learned that poking a knife or other object into an electrical outlet is not a good idea.
I will avoid the melodramatic. I will only experiment with a parachute on. With my parachute strapped to my back I will continue for another 100 blog entries and see where the next year takes me.
Comments welcome!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have dyslexia. Sometimes at work I transpose phone numbers. Sometimes I transpose numbers in the disbursement sheet or computer.
Because I have dyslexia, I have adopted a disorder...obsessive compulsive...I recheck figures over and over and over and over again, fearing a mistake. The meds I take are supposed to calm my phobia...I believe...no wait...let me check...yes...I believe it's working.
I have dyslexia. Clearly, the road sign painter did, too!


I baked Valentine's Day cupcakes today. Not as pretty as these lovely fairy creations. If memory serves me correct, though the presentation was fabulous, the 'zing' was lacking in the taste of the cake and frosting.
My Valentine cupcakes I made today are spice cake with pink colored, cinnamon flavored frosting. Store-bought heart confections of red and white were placed atop the spicy frosting. (If I were to enter my own entry in the Nottingham Day 2nd Annual Cupcake Contest, I would use the spice cake and cinnamon frosting.
I made the Valentine cupcakes to give away to family and friends. I don't usually bake and give it all away, but on our diets, I allowed myself and my husband a few mini cupcakes. The rest are lovingly prepared for presentation to our SPECIAL VALENTINES!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

'Love in the Afterlife' - From a Dream to a Novel

Aah, love. The risky things boy and girls do when they are infatuated! People in love do silly things...
I love writing about love.
Last night I had a dream. It was a vivid, powerful dream. I told my husband about it upon waking. I immediately began to stray from the original dream and expand on the story.
My imagination ran wild with who the woman was, who the man was, how they met, how they parted, and everything that happened from the beginning until the end.
Tonight I sat down at my laptop and pumped-out my summary and character sketches. I entitled my new love story: Love in the Afterlife. I have written the first scene that takes place in a bridal shop.
In the next scene there will be an explosion and she will die. Then she'll go to the Afterlife, be miserable, and be sent back to Life to find closure with her fiance. Several other characters will emerge and their lives will all be intertwined.
The intertwining is what I love about writing novels. I'm hoping for good things...this could be the next 'Ghost!'