Welcome Reader:

Whether you've just now tuned in to my life, or have been keeping up with my inner thoughts for quite some time now,
I welcome you.

Though you may or may not be entertained by my thoughts, it is for MYSELF that I pen a blog.

As a writer, I enjoy expressing myself.
When I write long romance novels, I am inside my head so much, I forget to focus on reality.

By writing once and a while on my blog, when the mood hits me, I have the freedom to come and go.
To pull up a chair and order lemonade or an ice cream sundae.
To either gobble it down, or eat it ever so slowly...

...until it melts into a concoction that resembles mushy milk.

Pull up a chair! Have a read. I hope you enjoy it.
I do...and that's what really matters.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Air Force Friend

Here I am days after high school graduation, and in the thick of things at Basic Training in the Air Force. After riding on a bus, plane, and bus again, all day, I arrived in San Antonio, Texas about 2:00 in the morning. I had made some quick friends on the journey. Some I never saw again, a few I only heard about, and one girl, Jeanne, became my best friend for the next 6 months.

After Basic Training in San Antonio, we traveled up to Wichita Falls, Texas. There we went to Tech School to learn to become dental assistants. Though Jeanne and I were in separate classes, most of our free time was coordinated together. When I got stationed in the desert of California, and she was sent way up north to Alaska, we only had contact once. She had married and had at least one child, I remember her saying.

From then until now...no contact.
I wonder if I will ever come across her in the future. If so, I hope she recalls me fondly, as I do her. At a time of great struggle in my life, she was my savior.
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Babies and Mother

Although I have never had a baby shower myself,
many family and friends have had their share,
so by now I can throw a fine shower for anyone.
I'm choosing to hostess a shower for someone
I'm not related to,
someone I know a bit, but not very well.
Does one need to know so much
about an expectant mother?
Don't most mother's share the yearning
to get the baby out!?
To sing lullaby's while holding
their precious bundle(s) of joy,
whether a girl or boy, or both,
and sniff the fine hair and the soft baby skin
that smells
of Johnson's baby wash and baby powder?
Don't most mother's share
the hopes, dreams, and joys
that revolve not around themselves,
but about their angel-child(ren)'s
head, a halo, yes,
even in devilish times?
Don't most mother's grieve the same way
when their little one,
even when fully grown,
falls down and bleeds?
Don't they run for the
ice, crème, and Band-Aids
to make the boo-boo "All better,"
with a little kiss of love
for good measure?
I've offered to hostess a baby shower
for a young friend who has a mother
who would do this herself,
but is graciously allowing me
a little bit of Heaven by  letting
me throw the shower I never received

The Wheels Go Around

As I sit
on the
cushioned seat,
move my feet,
and around
each revolution
I get
further away
I just left,
closer to
it is
not in getting
it is
along the
makes the
around worth
worth the
the block
on my
After I
for a mile
to turn
and then
in a wiggly
in order
liven up
in an
to show
I have
of humor,
I do a
few circles,
wide and
go fast
...so slow
I almost
of the
I am
Back up
get and
try again
to ride
a mile

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Umbrellas in the Rain

Today, just as hot as yesterday
and the several days before,
Instead of hanging out on the couch
I talked my husband into going outdoors...
'Let's go over to Calef's ballfield', I say
'They're having a craft fair and raffles today!'
My husband replied in a positive fashion
that we could water the flowers at church,
for flowers and God are his passion.
I agreed...so off we went on by
even though dark clouds were in the sky,
While watering the flowers in the muggy air
I'm dreaming of attending the big craft fair!
Thunder, oh my, is rumbling in the sky, I hear,
while hubby waters...it will rain...I fear.
I race to the car and bring out two umbrellas,
one for the gal and one for the fella.
While it pours from the sky and mists our toes
we continue to water from the long green hose,
for you never know, the rain could stop right now,
when it continues, with umbrellas, out we bow.
Home to change and then the sun comes out
I want to race back to the craft fair and wander about,
Now hubby is relaxed back on the couch with t.v.,
that leaves plans to make...Miss Conniving me!
Shall we go back and try the craft fair again
or watch a Hallmark movie that just began,
Maybe neither, maybe go for a walk,
maybe pour some lemonade
and have a meaningful talk.
It matters not, actually,
what my husband and I do,
as long as we're together
to kiss, cuddle and coo...

Friday, July 2, 2010

Robin Floated Away

It has been a hectic day of emotions being on a roller-coaster ride.
I learned that a friend of the family, who's been battling cancer,

Yes, I'm sad...
I am only glad
that I have the knowledge
that she and devoted husband
continued their religious faith,
that she clutched a cross in her hand
that with each labored breath her hand-strength
grew more weak...
...also growing weak was the clutch the devil held upon her.

Yet still she clung on to the promise of GOD
that off to Heaven she would float
to the bright light, where peace and no pain, await.

She passed away into the light,
and on my way home from work
I detoured and drove to my friend's house,
who was in need of a hug...
who's voice quivered,
who's eyes glistened,
and who's wife showed him affection
by rubbing her hand across his back...
not only once, but twice.

Roller coaster rides have never been my friends,
no more true than today,
when we are left to mourn and Robin floated away...

Now with time to reflect on the

wonderful life Robin shared with us,
from our days of youth when riding
to and from on the yellow school bus...

To life moments when Rick she wed,
and sugar-plum dreams danced in her head,
to babies born from love and devotion,
to children-raising and all life's commotion.

Amid the commotion a calming belief held true
that embracing Robin's family was the Lord she knew,
That God, at her request, was with her every step
and dried her tears,

though truly blessed, Robin seldom wept.

Now released to her Promised Land in the sky,
plead not for answers to your questions 'why?'
True, the devil invaded her body within,
but Robin's Lord equipped her with religious tools to win!

Holding true to her faith set an example for us all
to call on God when in trouble or when we fall.

Hold on tight with all your might to the cross,
just like Robin did.

Have Faith, claim your room in God's mansion-in-the-sky,
just like Robin did.

Don't agonize this day and continually ask 'why,'
just know that the devil gave up

and Robin embraced the courage
for her Savior and her to WIN!

Roller coaster rides never seem to end,
and with Robin's bravery and fine Christian example,
she allows us to ride life's roller coaster
knowing Robin will never leave our hearts
and she will be our guardian-angel-friend!

Robin floated away,
but her beloved memory will always stay.
Keep Robin in your heart and memory,
for one day, if you love the Lord like she,
we will float away and our Robin we shall happily see!